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Design for a small bedroom

When it comes to interior design, there's nothing quite like starting with a blank canvas. And that's exactly what we did with this small bedroom in a new build home. The brief was to transform the space into a cosy and inviting room that brings the essence of the outdoors indoors using elements of biophilic design. Our goal was to create a space that feels natural, organic, and sustainable while incorporating the client's love of vintage and vintage industrial with a modern twist.

A beautiful designed bedroom with a feature wall and crisp linen bedding
The vertical lines of the feature wall draw the eye up creating the illusion of a higher ceiling

To achieve this, we used natural and organic fabrics and colours, such as green linen bedding and pillows, a green wool throw, natural wool cushions, and natural linen curtains. We also incorporated house plants and botanical mural wallpaper and botanical framed prints on the wall. The slatted wall, which is backlit with low energy LED lights to produce a subtle ambient glow, adds a touch of texture and depth to the room while the vintage industrial style wall lamps on either side produce a lovely warm light.

One of the benefits of linen curtains is the perfect natural way to wake. The bedroom receives plenty of natural light, which streams through the curtains, helping to create a tranquil atmosphere. However, for those early mornings when the light is just too bright, there are blinds within the window recess (just out of shot) that can be pulled down to block out the light.

A tray of breakfast on a bed with a wool throw and sage green crinkled linen bedding
The naturally crinkled lined bedding, along with a wool throw and cushions, seamlessly enhance the organic ambiance.

At night, the warm light from the wall lamps can help unwind and dose off to sleep. It's the perfect complement to the natural textures and materials used throughout the room, making it the ideal space to relax and enjoy breakfast in bed on a lazy Sunday morning.

Vintage industrial style wall lamp in antique brass and pewter
The vintage industrial-style wall lamps cast a charming and warm glow, beautifully contrasting the contemporary white backlit wall panel.

The focal point of the room is the feature wall, creatively crafted with tall floor-to-ceiling wooden slats boasting an aged, distressed paint texture. These slats are affixed to an acoustic foam backing, serving both decorative and acoustic purposes. Additionally, the panel doubles as a striking statement headboard, adding further elegance to the space.

Wooden slatted acoustic wall panels in an aged distressed paint effect
Backlit wooden slatted acoustic wall panels in an aged distressed paint effect.

Sustainability and maximising storage were key priorities in the design. To achieve this, upcycled vintage furniture played a central role, featuring a tallboy and a pair of 4-drawer bedside cabinets to offer abundant storage space. Each piece underwent a meticulous process of cleaning, sanding, and recoating with Studio Green paint from Farrow & Ball. The hardware was thoughtfully replaced with cast iron knobs and vintage industrial-style pull handles, bearing the charming inscription 'Old Printing Shop Portobello Road London'. This transformation not only breathed new life into the furniture but also added a touch of character and history to the room.

Upcycled vintage furniture painted in F&B Studio Green
Upcycled vintage furniture painted in F&B Studio Green with 'Old Prining Shop Portabello Road' pull handles.

Upcycled vintage bedside cabinet painted in F&B Studio Green adds character and individuality to the room.
Upcycled vintage bedside cabinets painted in F&B Studio Green adds character and individuality to the room.

Design tricks:

This design employs several clever interior tricks to optimise the small space and create the illusion of a larger room. For instance, the vertical lines of the slatted wall panel, coupled with the expansive biophilic wall murals on either side, draw the eye upward, tricking it into perceiving a higher ceiling than there actually is.

Another effective technique involves positioning the floor-length curtains high, close to the ceiling, further enhancing the illusion of heightened space.

Instead of shying away from darker colors, embracing them strategically can work wonders. By having a feature wall in darker tones while keeping the remaining walls light, the boundaries of the room seem to extend as the lighter walls recede.

Furniture with legs, like the raised bed in this design, contributes to the illusion of more space by creating visual openness and a sense of lightness.

To add a contemporary touch and amplify the sense of spaciousness, opting for an oversized pendant lampshade suspended from the ceiling can be quite effective (as long as it doesn't obstruct main traffic areas). The statement large black and gold semi-dome shaped shade in this design achieves precisely that, giving the space a grander appearance.

A white Labrador relaxing on a comfy bed beside a tray of breakfast


And there you have it! We hope you thoroughly enjoyed our brief post detailing the journey of transforming a small bedroom with a black canvas in a new build property. Witnessing the evolution into a tranquil and characterful space, cleverly expanding its boundaries through innovative design techniques, has been an absolute delight.

At Godwin Vintage, we're passionate about creating beautiful, functional, and sustainable spaces that reflect our clients' personalities and style. Whether you're starting with a blank canvas or simply want to refresh a tired room, we offer a range of interior design services to help you achieve your vision. Contact us today to discuss your project and let us help you transform your space.

If you found inspiration in this post, let's join forces to make a big impact! Share it far and wide. As a small business, every little share counts, and together, we can create a world of stylish and cosy spaces. 💫✨


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