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Interior Design

Thinking of renewing your home interior? 

We can help design and style your home with our range of home interior design services, online or in-person.

How does it work?

We'll work closely with you to discuss your ideas and requirements, ensuring we fully understand your vision. After that, sit back and relax while we create a detailed interior design plan for your dream space, perfectly suited to your style and budget.


Our services range from a 90-minute interior design consultation for those seeking guidance and suggestions to a comprehensive online or in-person interior design service.

Interior Design Service

Our interior design and project management service is perfect for those looking for a bespoke onsite service.

Design Consultation

Whether you need guidance on colour suggestions or furniture placement, our 90 minute consultation via Zoom is tailored to your needs.


If an onsite service is not practical, 

we can offer an online interior design service.

Home Staging

Getting ready to sell your home?

Our home staging service can help create a home that your buyers will find irresistible.

Not sure how a wallpaper or paint will match your room's vibe?

No worries! We can create a personalised mock-up image for you using actual photos of your space, so you can visualise your dream look before making any decisions.

“When you’re building a room, you’re building character, and character is the strength and wisdom of a home.”

– Rose Tarlow

Featured Project

Coorie Lodge

A self build lodge in Scotland reached out to us for help designing the interior.

Open brochure of an interior design concept for a snug
Johnny holding an award for Luxury Interior Design Service

Winners of Luxury Interior Designer of the Year 2023

Scotland Prestige Awards Winner, Luxury Interior Design Service 23/24

In 2023, our hearts swelled with pride upon learning that we had been honored with the prestigious Luxury Interior Designer of the Year award by Prestige Awards, Scotland. 

As we step into the coming year, our dedication remains steadfast in nurturing our small business. We are committed to persistently channeling our passion into what we do best – infusing homes across the UK with distinctive character and unmatched individuality.

Recent Projects

The Top Reason to Hire an Interior Designer

Cost-saving benefits

Have you ever experienced the disappointment of purchasing furniture that appeared perfect in the store, only to realise it just doesn't look right once in your home? Or perhaps you've gone through the tedious process of painting multiple times to find the right color palette. While it may seem contradictory, hiring a designer can actually save you money by helping you avoid costly mistakes and making design choices that enhance your home's value.


Even if you're working with a tight budget, a designer has the expertise to maximise the value of your spending. We are skilled in working within specific budget constraints and will provide a clear breakdown of where each penny is allocated. Many people mistakenly assume that hiring an interior designer is expensive. However, in reality, it can be a cost-effective investment in the long run. Designers possess market knowledge that allows them to source materials, furniture, and accessories at competitive prices, stretching your budget further.


Our guidance ensures informed decision-making, preventing expensive errors.

Furthermore, we create mockups or visual representations of design concepts, enabling you to envision how the proposed designs will translate into your actual space. This comprehensive understanding allows for adjustments and fine-tuning before implementation, reducing the risk of costly modifications.

  • ​Expertise and Creativity

  • Tailored Design Solutions

  • Access to Resources & Discounts

  • Stress Reduction

  • Unique and Personalised Results

A living room designed by Godwin Vintage with leather Chesterfield sofa, William Morris wallpaper, and an upcycled vintage camera tripod lamp

Hiring an interior designer not only brings your space to new heights but also offers financial benefits. At Godwin Vintage, we specialise in crafting exceptional, timeless, classic, traditional, and vintage interiors with a contemporary twist. By engaging our services, you gain access to our creative vision, expertise, and extensive network of resources, resulting in a space that perfectly aligns with your unique style and requirements.


To cater to your convenience, we provide both onsite and online interior design services. Whether you prefer a face-to-face consultation or virtual collaboration, we have you covered.


If you're ready to embark on a transformative journey and turn your space into a stunning masterpiece, we invite you to reach out to us. Take advantage of our offer for a free one-hour initial consultation, where we can discuss your project and explore the possibilities together.


Contact us today and let's bring your interior design dreams to life!


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