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Our Story

"Hey there! We're Adam and Johnny, two vintage enthusiasts with a passion for repurposing and creating unique items and interior spaces. We launched Godwin Vintage so we could share our passion for vintage and retro designs with the world.

Thanks for stopping by, and we hope you enjoy reading about how it all began."

From Old to Bold

It starts with an idea

In late 2019, we set out on a journey to find a one-of-a-kind piece of decorative lighting for our home. We wanted something that couldn't be found in any store. Johnny, with his fondness for all things vintage and retro, came up with a brilliant idea to transform an old retro telephone into a desk lamp with a floating handset. After hours of brainstorming and troubleshooting, we finally came up with a design that worked. This was our first-ever upcycling project, giving new life to an old item.

A man wearing a flat cap working with vintage tools in a vintage workshop
Upcycled retro telephone table lamp

Repurposing History

Our one-of-a-kind upcycled retro telephone lamp drew attention, and soon people were asking us if we could make more. We were thrilled by the idea of repurposing old items and giving them a new lease of life, which not only brought a unique character and individuality to people's homes but also reduced waste and was eco-friendly. So we started creating more of these lamps and selling them on online platforms such as Etsy and Folksy.

As seen in Reclaim magazine

The birth of Godwin Vintage

In 2020, we were fully hooked on upcycling and had broadened our horizons to transform other vintage items into beautiful, quirky, and unique lighting pieces. We upcycled old cameras, vintage projectors, typewriters, and other vintage finds. It was then that we made the decision to create our very own website, Godwin Vintage, not only to sell our handmade creations but also to spread the word about the benefits of buying upcycled items instead of new ones.

Owners of Godwin Vintage Johnny and Adam with their pet Labrador Benji
Beposke upcycled antique display cabinet recoated in Farrow & Ball Incarnadine

Upcycling furniture

In 2021, we noticed a significant shift in people's shopping habits when it came to furnishing their homes. Instead of mass-produced items, people were looking for unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. Our customers were aware of the character and quality of vintage furniture, and they turned to us to upcycle their own furniture. Upcycling and repurposing old furniture has undeniable sustainable benefits, and it's a great way to add unique character to any space. So we started upcycling pieces for sale on our website, and to this day, we continue to offer bespoke upcycling services for our clients.

Interior Design

As our clients continued to express admiration for our unique style, many began to inquire if we could help them design an entire room. Thus, in 2022, we decided to expand our services to include interior design. Working closely with clients both in-person and online, we assist them in bringing their vision to life and creating their dream space.

Magazine featuring interior design concepts and mock-ups
Johnny holding an award for Luxury Interior Design Service of the year

Luxury Interior Design Service of the Year Winner

Prestige Awards, Scotland​​​ 23/24

In 2023, our hearts swelled with pride upon learning that we had been honored with the prestigious Luxury Interior Designer of the Year award by Prestige Awards, Scotland. As we step into the coming year, our dedication remains steadfast in nurturing our small business. We are committed to persistently channeling our passion into what we do best – infusing homes across the UK with distinctive character and unmatched individuality.


Giving Vintage Items a New Purpose

Johnny repurpsoing a vintage camera into a unique lamp

Wouldn't life be boring if we were all the same?

We believe that every item has a story and a potential to be transformed into something new and beautiful. We take old worn out vintage items such as cameras, typewriters, radios, clocks, lamps, furniture and more, and give them a new lease of life by turning them into functional and decorative pieces.

We absolutely love hunting down unique and quirky vintage items and putting a new spin on them by upcycling. The quality of vintage things is often far better than a lot of mass produced things these days which are often made from plastic or particleboard. A vintage piece will be well built, solid, age better and will be around far longer than a piece of flat packed furniture.

We take old worn out vintage items and give them a new lease of life

From old worn furniture that has been stripped and repainted and fit with new hardware, to old obsolete tech such as telephones, cameras, and typewriters that have been repurposed as a unique and quirky lamp. Buying a piece of history with vintage and upcycled is a great way to add character to your interior décor.

Vintage copper kettles repurposed as pendant lights
Vintage tools and nuts and bolts

Design & Inspiration

Our projects are inspired by our love of all things vintage & retro - usually with an added modern twist. We draw inspiration from many design and genres throughout history including Steampunk, Art Deco, Retrofuturism, Pop Art, and many more.

Our process

We'll first come up with a design and sketch this down into a sketchbook (often several designs and then choose the best). Then with a lot of elbow grease and polish we'll set to work at removing decades of dirt and grime to try and bring the item back to it's former glory while keeping a lot of the vintage wear and patina which add to the character. Once cleaned, referring back to our sketch book we'll start working on the design - adding the electrical wiring, drivers, light fittings, and and decoration elements.

Many hours of work go into creating our work sometimes weeks and months. But once finished we can proudly display it, plug it in and stand back and admire the finished product before taking photos ready to be showcased on our website.


Farrow & Ball paint tin with a plant

Buying upcycled and preloved is undoubtedly the most environmentally friendly way of acquiring new and unique possessions. And in a world full of mass produced flat-pack furniture and home accessories, our upcycled and sustainable lighting & furniture can bring some much needed individuality to furnishing our homes.

Some of the other ways we can do our part for the environment are:

  • Plant a tree for every order placed

  • Use energy saving light bulbs in all our lighting

  • Choose eco-friendly paint for our furniture

  • Reduce packaging and use recyclable packaging where possible.

  • Minimise waste in other areas such as reusing left over parts in other projects, and reducing paper by using technology such as emailing customer invoices rather than printing.

For further information, feel free to read our sustainability page.

Meet the Maker Interview

Owners of Godwin Vintage Johnny and Adam with their Labrador Benji

We're delighted to be featured in Meet the Maker on Folksy - the home of British craft. 

Here we talk about our process and influences, and how it all started.

Click here to read the interview.

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