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Discover 6 expert tips to make your ceiling look higher

Living in a newer build home with lower ceilings? Don't let it dampen your interior design dreams! We understand how lower ceilings can make a room appear smaller and more cramped, but fear not! Here we've put together 6 fantastic interior design tips and tricks to help you create the illusion of higher ceilings and open up your living space.

Small livingroom decorated in terracotta colours with recessed ceiling spot lights

1.Play with Colours

Colour is a powerful tool in interior design, and you can use it to your advantage in a low-ceilinged room. Opt for a lighter shade for most of the wall space, as it helps create a sense of airiness. But here's the real trick: paint the bottom half of the walls, including the skirting board and dado, in a darker hue. This "colour blocking" technique not only adds depth to your walls but also makes the ceiling appear taller.

A small vintage style hallway with wall panelling, wellington boots and coat hooks

2. Reflect with Tall Mirrors

Mirrors are more than just for checking your appearance; they can work wonders in small rooms with low ceilings. Get yourself a tall and narrow mirror, and hang it higher up on the wall than usual. The mirror will reflect light around the room, drawing the eye up and instantly creating the illusion of more space and a higher ceiling.

A small livingroom with a tall mirror

3. Hang Curtains Strategically

When dealing with low ceilings, hanging curtains all the way to the ceiling is a clever trick to draw the eye upwards. This simple adjustment can make the ceiling appear higher than it actually is. Be sure to choose floor-length curtains to maintain the illusion and add a touch of elegance to your space.

Small bedroom interior design

4. Rethink Ceiling Lights

Steer clear of low-hanging pendant lights in a room with a low ceiling, as they accentuate the height issue. Instead, opt for wall and floor lamps, or consider recessed ceiling lights. These lighting options not only create the illusion of height but also allow you to layer lighting for the perfect ambiance (See our post on layering light).

A small livingroom with recessed ceiling spot lights and wall lights

5. Embrace Vertical Décor

Thinking vertically is key when you have a low ceiling. Incorporate design elements that draw the eye upwards, such as tall wooden slats or a striking wall mural that extends from the floor to the ceiling. This clever division of the wall adds visual interest and creates the perception of a higher ceiling.

Small dining room with vertical wall panelling

6. Utilise Wall Panelling

Wall panelling is a trend that not only looks great but also serves a purpose in a low-ceilinged room. Choose a stylish shaker style board and batten wall panelling to add decorative detail and character to your walls. Paint it in a color different from the ceiling to create a visual break and make the ceiling appear taller.

With these tips and tricks up your sleeve, you can transform your low-ceiling living room into a space that feels open, airy, and visually captivating.

Small bedroom with shaker style wall panelling

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