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The Living/Dining Area: Interior Design

Interior design for a new build lodge in Scotland

Beautifully designed to give a classic yet modern feel

An open magazine with interior design concepts and mock-ups

Thank you for joining us for the final part of our three-part blog series featuring the interior designs we created for a self-built lodge in Scotland. In this post, we'll be delving into our design concepts for the living and dining area, which were developed to bring the outdoors inside and incorporate vintage industrial elements, in accordance with our clients' preferences. Let's take a closer look!

(For part one 'The Snug' click here, and for part two 'The Study' click here).


The Living Area


The feature wall

The living area design boasts an earthy, organic feel that seamlessly blends nature with modernity by incorporating a stunning feature wall. The open plan layout, which includes the living, dining, and kitchen areas, is cleverly zoned through the addition of a dark oak slatted wall to the chimney breast, complete with a rustic wooden floating mantel. This warm and inviting space beckons anyone to take a seat and unwind.

The alcoves flanking either side of the chimney breast are painted in F&B Pitch Black No.256 and feature a recess with rustic shelving matching the mantel. These alcoves are perfect for showcasing décor items and storing logs for the stove. Each shelf is elegantly backlit with a dimmable LED strip that can be conveniently operated through a remote control or smartphone app, providing a soft, ambient glow.

Furnishing & accessories

Living room concepts showing the sofa

The living area boasts a gorgeous leather sofa with feather-filled velvet seats and a unique arrangement of scatter cushions that oozes luxury and comfort. In lieu of matching armchairs, we opted for a pair of vintage-style Harris Tweed upholstered chairs that enhance the cozy and welcoming vibe of the space. The two chairs, as opposed to a second sofa, allow for a small vintage industrial draftsman table and lamp, which fit perfectly in the room. Flanking the chairs and the fireplace are two charred black log side tables with glass vases containing flower and leaf spray arrangements. A vintage industrial style cart coffee table complements the other pieces in the room, such as the draftsman table and other elements within the snug and study.

The tiled flooring in the living area is complemented by a large cowhide rug that exudes warmth and comfort. Other accessories in the space include a sizable indoor plant, a vintage telescope with a tripod, and a magazine/newspaper holder made of vintage leather and brass. The walls are painted in F&B School House White No.29, while the skirting boards and door frames are painted in F&B Pitch Black No.256. The main wall behind the chairs is adorned with three large, distressed black wooden picture frames, which add visual interest to the space. Each frame displays a section of a botanical mural, which continues the organic nature theme and helps bring the outdoors inside. This arrangement of mural sections within frames offers an alternative to a full wall mural and is visually striking, particularly when viewed from the patio doors.

alternative view of the livingroom showing armchairs

Accessories, such as the upcycled vintage typewriter lamp, the antique brass and leather newspaper/ magazine holder, and the vintage coat stand, add more character and charm with a touch of playfulness. A clear glass vase with leafy stems brings a touch of nature that complements the wood tones. Additional accessories include distressed black picture frames showcasing art, including the cover of a vintage Ford car service manual and an illustration of a badger toasting with a glass. Three round mirrors with black frames reflect the natural and artificial light beautifully and reflect the bookcases on the opposite wall.


The Dining Area


dining room concepts

Dining table & chairs

After discussing with the client, we discovered their desire for a large round dining table to accommodate 8 people. However, after careful consideration, we suggested an oval-shaped table would be a better fit as a large round table would occupy too much space in the dining area. We sourced a stunning textured dark oak table adorned with a dazzling brass halo that sits gracefully on a silhouetted icon tulip base made from sleek black metal.

The dining area exudes a sleek and uncluttered look with its single pedestal tulip base table, which calls for dining chairs that complement its design with their own sleekness. Opting for a metal frame and a stunning buffalo leather upholstery, these chairs continue the vintage industrial aesthetic. To complete the look, we chose an industrial-style lighting fixture with eight light sources, crafted from metal and finished with a charcoal touch. The light sources disperse the light beautifully throughout the room, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.


This set of three vintage industrial pendant lights is a perfect addition to any stylish and sophisticated kitchen. Made of brushed pewter and brass, each light features an outer shade and ceiling rose in brushed pewter and an inner shade and light fitting in brass. Pair these eye-catching lights with a vintage Edison style LED bulb with a spiral filament to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The vintage black fabric cable adds to the industrial aesthetic. For a modern twist, the pendant lights hang from a dropped ceiling with LED strip lights above, producing a subtle and sophisticated glow.

kitchen/dining room with vintage industrial style pendant lighting



Once our design concepts were finalised, we began creating mock-up images using precise measurements of the space. This allowed us to provide our client with a more accurate representation of how the design will look in their home.

We then compiled all of our designs, along with a comprehensive list of each item featured and where they can be purchased, into an e-brochure. This provides our clients with an easy-to-follow guide that they can refer to throughout the design process.

Alternatively, our clients have the option to hire us to take care of the entire procurement process and even manage the project, including coordinating with tradespeople and overseeing deliveries. This allows our clients to focus on other aspects of their new build home, while we take care of the rest.


Following the completion of the designs, we collaborated with our client on additional projects, which included upcycling furniture to infuse individuality and uniqueness into their space.

Thanks for reading

We appreciate your interest in our interior design project series. If you're interested in creating your own dream space and would like to learn how we can help, please don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. Thank you for reading!


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