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The Snug: Interior Design

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Interior design for a new build lodge in Scotland

Beautifully designed to give a classic yet modern feel

An open magazine with interior design concepts and mock-ups

The owners of a newly built lodge in Scotland approached us after seeing our work on our website, which blends vintage style with modern elements. They were drawn to our aesthetic and sought our assistance in designing several interior spaces. To begin the project, we scheduled an initial consultation with our clients, and visited the building site, which was still under construction. Our goal was to transform their blank canvas into a home with unique character and personality.

Initial Consultation

During the free initial consultation, our main objective was to gain a comprehensive understanding of our clients' preferences, tastes, and desired styles. Additionally, the consultation provided them an opportunity to ask us any questions they had at this early stage. The areas they sought our expertise on were the snug, study, and dining/living area. Both were enthusiastic about the prospect of bringing their new build home to life after a long and challenging process, and they already had some concrete ideas regarding style. We photographed the spaces and obtained measurements, after which we formulated ideas and concepts that aligned with their vision.

The Designs

We collaborated with our clients to develop and expand upon their existing ideas while infusing our own creativity to produce new concepts that would best suit their new home. In the initial consultation, the couple expressed their desire to add character and personality to what was essentially a blank canvas, and their goal was for their new build home to exude a warm and inviting ambiance with a vintage flair while incorporating modern elements to prevent it from appearing outdated.

Let's now look at the designs we formulated for each of the three spaces across three blog posts.


The Snug


Interior design concept mock-up of the snug

The cabinetry

Custom-made shaker-style cabinetry was designed for the snug area, which includes bookcases and lower cupboards with recessed doors. A concealed space for a wall-mounted TV is also incorporated behind sliding doors. The cabinetry is floor-to-ceiling and has a depth of approximately 35cm. In addition, the overall visual elegance of the design is enhanced by the decorative coving along the top and vertical moulding at the sides.

At the top, decorative panels enhance the visual appeal and hide the lighting wiring. An antique brass rail spanning the width of the cabinets features an attached ladder that can be easily moved. The cabinetry will be coated in Farrow & Ball Railings No.31, while all hardware will be finished in antique brass. Four swan-neck cabinet lights, also in antique brass, will be installed along the top and can be adjusted with a dimmer to create the perfect ambiance.

Furnishing & accessories

To enhance the cosy atmosphere in the snug, the walls will feature board and batten panelling painted in F&B Railings, adding texture and visual interest. The panels will be arranged in a grid pattern, with precise measurements to ensure exact squares. Antique brass electric sockets will be installed, and additional sockets will be integrated into the cabinetry as shown in the accompanying image. The TV/CAT socket will also be relocated behind the television for a streamlined look.

Designs showing positioning of electrical points

Adding a touch of luxury to the snug, a tartan carpet made of premium quality wool in subtle shades is complemented by layering of textures and fabrics, such as cosy Harris Tweed cushions and throws, to enhance the comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

vintage leather chair with wool throw and a table with whisky

The seating area features a pair of vintage leather armchairs perfectly positioned to enjoy the scenic garden view through the large window, while savouring a sip of whisky poured from the decanter sitting on top of the iconic tulip table with a vintage brass top.

Incorporating house plants into the design not only adds a burst of vibrant colour to the subdued tones of the décor, but also creates a calming and relaxing environment that has been shown to have a positive impact on mental wellbeing.

The designs showcase a range of plants, including floor-standing varieties and cascading ones placed on the shelves of the bespoke cabinetry.

upcycled vintage camera tripod lamp

Additional styling touches include handmade decorative vintage lighting created from an antique bellows camera with a tripod, as well as an upcycled vintage telephone lamp sitting atop a vintage machinist stool used as a small table. These items provide an extra layer of lighting to enhance the cosy atmosphere while adding a touch of soft vintage industrial style. Black wooden distressed picture frames hang on both sides of the room, and antique brass accessories are placed by the fireside. The bookcase is decorated with vintage books, adding to the overall aesthetic.

To maintain the traditional whisky snug style, a vintage leather armchair or sofa is a must, complemented with cosy Harris Tweed fabrics and textures to create a warm and comfortable ambiance. The Dalmore sofa is a perfect blend of leather and wool, featuring Harris Tweed cushions and throw that make it an ideal spot to snuggle up by the fire during chilly winter nights.

Alternatively, a pair of Harris Tweed armchairs with leather trim and studded detail can be chosen instead of the sofa. The Dalmore leather armchairs, with feather-filled seats and Harris Tweed back and seat, are also an option. These armchairs resemble the Dalmore sofa in style and durability, making them a long-lasting and practical choice.

Whisky cabinet

To complement the cabinetry on the opposite wall of the snug, a whisky cabinet will occupy the left-hand corner of the wall adjacent to the window and door. Glass shelving will allow light from the cabinet's top light to illuminate the whisky bottles. To add depth to the space without overwhelming it, a large antique brass distressed mirror will be placed at the back of the cabinet.

The bottom section of the cabinet will be divided into quarters, providing storage for bottles of wine. The cabinet will feature decorative moulding and a single recessed panel at the top, while the top will be adorned with black decorative coving that will continue around the perimeter of the room.



Once our design concepts were finalised, we began creating mock-up images using precise measurements of the space. This allowed us to provide our client with a more accurate representation of how the design will look in their home.

We then compiled all of our designs, along with a comprehensive list of each item featured and where they can be purchased, into an e-brochure. This provides our clients with an easy-to-follow guide that they can refer to throughout the design process.

Alternatively, our clients have the option to hire us to take care of the entire procurement process and even manage the project, including coordinating with tradespeople and overseeing deliveries. This allows our clients to focus on other aspects of their new build home, while we take care of the rest.


Moving forward, we shifted our focus to the study and will be sharing our design ideas in our next post.


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