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Designing 4 Beautiful Victorian Interior Spaces: Part 4

A Journey to Renovate - Master Bedroom

Join us on the final part of our home interior design journey, reimagining four interior spaces within our clients beautfiul Victorian home.

Godwin Vintage interior designs - Master Bedroom

Impressed by our unique style, meticulous process, and dedication to sustainability, clients from Ross-on-Wye sought us out to design four rooms in their Victorian home: the dining room, lounge, snug, and master bedroom.

Despite our Scottish base, we seamlessly provided online interior design, considering storage needs, preferences, and the delightful company of Cooper the dog and their teenage son.

Moving from the snug, our fourth feature invites you into the master bedroom and en suite.


Master Bedroom

Interior Design Brief

In our quest to create a cosy haven for relaxation, we've embraced darker tones for a snug, cocooning effect, seamlessly blending with the room's vintage French-style bedroom furniture.

The result is a master bedroom that exudes a peaceful, deep-toned sanctuary vibe. A masterful mix of Victorian French design with modern touches, it features a light-hued, ornately carved wood bed against black, gold-accented walls, and black nightstands with gilded handles. A modern black fireplace adds a contemporary twist, while light ceilings and ivory velvet curtains bring balance. Lush green plants introduce a splash of vitality, completing this elegant and sophisticated retreat


Walls & ceiling

The walls, adorned in the warm and inviting Farrow & Ball Off-Black No.57, envelop the room in a cosy embrace, offering a welcoming alternative to the sharper Pitch Black. This hue enhances the snug, cocoon-like atmosphere perfect for unwinding. Gold-trimmed panels and dado rails inject a layer of sophistication and texture, contrasting beautifully with the room's vintage ivory bedroom furnishings.

The wall's structure features a trio of designs: lower panels, a dado rail, and above it, tall vertical panels leading up to a picture rail. Black-painted ceiling coving, equipped with concealed LED strip lighting, casts a soft luminescence overhead.

To keep the ambiance from becoming too sombre, the ceiling and an elaborate central plaster rose are both bathed in the light Farrow & Ball Wevet No. 273, ensuring a balanced and refined aesthetic.

Shaker wall panelling painted in Farrow & Ball Railings
A mockup depicting wall panelling concept


Soft Furnishings

Ivory velvet curtains cascade from ceiling to floor with tiebacks, lending elegance and a striking contrast to the room's darker tones, while allowing light to keep the space from feeling too sombre. Privacy is effortlessly maintained with the existing roller blinds.

A plush light-coloured carpet provides a warm, luxurious foundation. For a brighter, more open feel, a light wooden floor could replace the carpet, accented by a lavish black and gold Gatsby rug beneath the bed for an opulent touch and a soft landing for bare feet in the morning.

The bed is dressed in an array of light-coloured fabrics, featuring a cosy duvet adorned with floral patterns, complemented by a decorative throw, and a selection of pillows and cushions, creating a haven of comfort and style.


Chimney Breast


Complementing the intricate vintage-style bedroom furnishings, the fireplace features a chic black surround with subtle moulding details. It rests on a sleek black granite hearth, and the fireplace interior is finished with understated black tiles. Gold accents and an array of tasteful decor items embellish the hearth and fire surround, adding a touch of glamour.

Bespoke cabinetary with drinks cabinet
Minimalist approach to the fireplace design

The chimney breast harmonizes with the room's sophisticated panelling and colour scheme, crowned by a large panel that elegantly encases the wall-mounted TV. This minimalist approach to the fireplace design cleverly contrasts with the room's more elaborate features, providing a modern twist that keeps the space from feeling overly traditional. The strategic simplicity of the fireplace area ensures it complements rather than competes with the room's grandeur, blending contemporary coolness with classic charm.


Furniture & Accessories

Undisputed classic

The vintage French-style ivory furniture contrasts beautifully with the dark-panelled walls, creating a striking visual. To add variety, the matching bedside cabinets are now refinished in black, featuring gold accents that harmonize with the wall decor.

The room also boasts a classic vintage French wooden bed with buttoned ivory upholstery, paired with a complementary dressing table, stool, and an occasional bedroom chair that blends wood with soft upholstery for a touch of cosiness.

New additions to this elegant ensemble are a vintage French chest of drawers in a chic black and ivory motif, alongside a graceful floor-standing mirror in ivory, further enriching this master bedroom's sophisticated charm.



The former wardrobes have been upgraded to elegant, floor-to-ceiling fitted ones, their trio of panelled doors finished in the subtle tones of Farrow & Ball Wevet No. 273, accented with stately gold pillar handles.

The ceiling is painted in the same uplifting shade to enhance the sense of space in this compact area. Luxurious light-coloured carpeting lines the floor, with the option to switch to light wood for a seamless transition from the bedroom.

The former wardrobes have been upgraded to elegant, floor-to-ceiling fitted ones

Inset ceiling spotlights maintain a sleek look, while optional coving backlights cast a gentle glow, contributing to the area's bright ambiance. This space is intentionally designed to be a light-filled interlude, offering a refreshing contrast to the rich hues of the adjoining bedroom and en suite.


En Suite

The en suite now echoes the master bedroom's palette, graced with vintage bathroom pieces. It boasts a Victorian-style toilet complete with a high-level cistern adorned with antique brass piping. Adjacent to it stands a basin with a classic washstand, complemented by antique brass fittings. Below the window, the room is warmed by a towel rail radiator, a mix of antique brass and black elegance.

A sleek frameless glass shower, with antique brass accents, houses a luxurious overhead rain shower. Storage is stylishly handled by a slim black cabinet, set against classic black and white floor tiles that flow into the shower. The walls are a tale of two halves: the lower in stately black panels, the upper adorned with a bold black and gold mural, depicting Great Blue Herons in a serene lily pond scene.

Vibrant hanging plants introduce a burst of colour against the dark walls, infusing the space with a touch of nature.

The door frame's black hue is strikingly offset by frosted glass panes, etched with a Victorian pattern for added intrigue.

The door itself, along with the ceiling, is finished in the soft hue of Farrow & Ball Wevet No. 273, ensuring the room retains a bright and airy feel amidst the darker tones.

Interior design concept mock-up for Victorian style en suite

For a subtler approach, the upper walls could be painted in the gentle Farrow & Ball Wevet No. 273, offering a lighter counterpoint. Inside the shower enclosure, modern black metro-style tiles would add practical elegance, beautifully framed with gold grout and trim for a luxurious touch.



Absolutely thrilled with how our latest design adventure turned out, our clients couldn't be happier with the sneak peeks we've given them of their master bedroom and en suite transformation. They're buzzing with excitement to see these concepts come to life, and we promise to bring you along for the journey! Stay tuned, as we'll be sharing a visual diary filled with the final reveal photos very soon.

In the meantime, dive into the gallery below for an exclusive glimpse at our design mock-ups. Each image is a testament to the bespoke, heartfelt approach we poured into every nook and cranny of this space. Get ready to be inspired!


Designing your perfect space


If you're looking for assistance in designing your ideal space, we're here to help! Whether you prefer physical onsite interior design services or remote online services for convenience, we offer both options. Contact us to learn more about how we can help bring your vision to life.

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