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Designing 4 Beautiful Victorian Interior Spaces: Part 2

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

A Journey to Renovate - The Lounge

Join us on an inspiring journey through the art of designing four stunning interior spaces for our clients' exquisite Victorian home renovation project.

Godwin Vintage interior designs - Lounge

Our clients were impressed by our distinct style, meticulous process, and unwavering dedication to repurpose and sustainability. They were drawn to us after witnessing our exceptional previous work and sought our expertise to design four rooms in their stunning Victorian home: the dining room, lounge, snug, and master bedroom. Although our base was in Scotland and our clients resided in Ross-on-Wye, England, we seamlessly offered an online interior design service, conducting video sessions to collaborate closely with them. Each room's design was thoughtfully crafted to be both chic and practical, taking into careful consideration the storage needs and the preferences of our clients, along with the requirements of their delightful companions, Cooper the dog, and their 17-year-old son.

Following on from part 1 the dining room, in our second showcase we invite you to explore the lounge, an exquisite area adorned with lofty ceilings and a magnificent bay window. Guided by our unwavering commitment to timeless elegance, we meticulously crafted this space, blending practicality and style harmoniously to fulfill its purpose of providing a serene sanctuary for relaxation and treasured family moments.



Interior Design Brief

Our goal was to design a rejuvenating space where the family could unwind, while preserving the Victorian allure that characterises the era when the house was constructed. The room features a high ceiling adorned with intricate ceiling rose, elegant coving, and a picture rail.


Walls & door

The room is adorned with beautiful panelling on both the lower and upper sections of the walls. These panels exhibit intricate wall mouldings, divided by a dado rail and topped with a picture rail. To enhance the overall aesthetic, the walls, panelling, and woodwork are coated in Graham & Brown’s Alanna paint. As for the coving, ceiling, and door, they will be painted with Graham & Brown's Wanderlust paint, adding a complementary touch. Inside each panel, you'll find Meadow Frost wallpaper from Graham & Brown, which captures the enchanting ambiance of a frosty woodland. The wallpaper showcases crisp white silhouettes and a soft grey palette, creating an ethereal landscape that adds to the room's allure.

Boiserie wall panelling
A mockup depicting wall panelling with wallpaper concept

Mockups of the lounge interior design concepts
Meadow Frost wallapper with Alanna and Wanderlust paint from Graham & Brown


Chimney Breast


The original fireplace has been relocated to the dining room, making way for a stylish modern inset log burning stove in this family space. This change not only provides a more practical solution but also introduces a contemporary touch to the vintage design.

Underneath the stove, there is a convenient alcove designed for storing logs. This not only serves a functional purpose but also adds an organic and natural decorative element, complementing the biophilic design accents found throughout the room.

Original Victorian fire surround
Timless classic with a contemporary twist


A generously proportioned wall panel above the fireplace serves as the perfect frame for the TV and soundbar. The TV, ingeniously camouflaged as a picture frame, effortlessly blends in with the overall decor, resembling a captivating piece of artwork. Choosing a white soundbar and TV frame harmonizes with the light and airy ambiance of the fresh decor, tying everything together seamlessly.



Undisputed classic

A spacious 3-seater Bluebell sofa, upholstered in a light grey velvet and featuring oak legs with chrome castors, beautifully complements the light and airy atmosphere of the space. Adding to the elegance and sophistication, a 2.5-seater version of the sofa in a contrasting dark blue with grey undertones is incorporated.

Interior design mockup of a timeless classic lounge with sofa
3-seater Bluebell sofa, upholstered in a light grey velvet

2.5-seater version of the sofa in a contrasting dark blue with grey undertones

Within the stunning bay window area, a pair of swivel chairs upholstered in a pale blue silky jacquard weave contribute texture to the room. The chrome swivel bases of these chairs introduce a subtle contemporary touch, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Chrome swivel chairs upholstered in pale blue

Upycled piano

The cherished old piano, which has been a part of the home for many years and passed down from one homeowner to another, was in dire need of some tender loving care. The previous worn and chipped dark veneer called for a rejuvenation, at the very least, through a fresh coat of paint that would now harmonise with the new room design. A colour such as Plummett No.272 from Farrow & Ball could be a suitable choice.

Considering the piano is no longer in full working condition and no one in the household plays it, there is another exciting option to elevate its purpose. Transforming the piano into a unique and enjoyable cocktail bar would take it to a whole new level, adding a touch of creativity and fun to the room.

Mockup concept of an upcycled piano
The old piano has been given a lick of paint


Enchanting Biophilic Cocktail Oasis

Transforming the Alcove with Plants, Mirror, and Vintage Charm

The alcove where the piano resides would be transformed into a captivating biophilic cocktail-themed area, exuding a natural ambiance. A significant distressed antique mirror would be mounted on the wall, casting gentle, dappled reflections of the plants, bottles, and other accessories. This addition not only adds visual interest but also helps to create a sense of balance and harmony, particularly when considering the large window on the opposite side of the chimney breast.

On top of the piano, a delightful assortment of plants in vintage pots would be displayed. To incorporate an interactive element, some of these plants could be herbs, such as mint and basil, which could be used in crafting cocktails. Furthermore, glass orb terrariums containing small plants would hang at various heights in front of the mirror, adding an enchanting and whimsical touch to the space.

Mockup concept of an old piano upcycled into a fun and quirky cocktail bar
The alcove has been transformed into an enchanting biophilic cocktail oasis


Window dressing

Enhancing the beauty of the stunning high Victorian sash windows are exquisite white wooden louvre biofolding shutters. These shutters offer a versatile solution, allowing the bottom half to be closed for privacy while leaving the top half open, welcoming abundant natural light into the room.

For those seeking further privacy and insulation, optional floor-length curtains in a luxurious pale blue hue gracefully frame the bay window. These curtains add an elegant touch, ensuring a cosy and private atmosphere within the space.

White wooden louvre biofolding shutters



  • Vintage style trio nickel pendant light with globe glass shade

  • Wall-mounted vintage style nickel lamps with globe glass shades

  • State toom antique nickel floor lamp

  • Upcycled vintage chrome telephone table lamp

  • Swing arm floor lamp antique nickel

  • Chrome side table with grey enamel top

  • Existing artwork framed in traditional nickel frames

  • Vintage daisy bordered rug

  • Hanging glass orb terraiums

  • Trio of mixed height plants in vintage pots

  • Large plants in spherical shaped pewter planters



Our clients were thrilled with the designs we presented and felt we had perfectly captured their brief. They can't wait to bring the designs to life and we'll share updates with actual photos once complete.

Check out the images below to preview our design mock-ups of different areas of the lounge.

Stay tuned for our next post where we'll explore the lounge, the next room in this exciting Victorian renovation.


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