Buying upcycled and preloved is undoubtedly the most environmentally friendly way of acquiring new and unique possessions. And in a wold full of mass produced flat-pack furniture and home accessories, our upcycled and sustainable lighting & furniture can bring some much needed individuality to furnishing our homes.

Upcycling is the cousin of recycling. It involves taking unwanted items and turning them into something new, whether it be an old dated worn out desk and giving it a fresh look, or an old vintage item given new purpose such as some of our upcycled lighting. You'll also have the added bonus of your upcycled piece being unique.

Upcycled Console Table repainted in Farrow & Ball Railings No.31
Upcycled Console Table repainted in Farrow & Ball Railings No.31

Eco-friendly paints

Standard paints in the UK are generally made from petrochemicals; there's nothing sustainable about that! Water-based, petrochemical free eco paints are more popular than ever, for reducing our own exposure to chemicals, as well as the planet’s. When upcycling our furniture we use paints such as those from the Farrow & Ball range which are 100% water-based, and have rich colours that are made to last.

Being completely water based has quite a few planet-friendly benefits, including being easier to clean from our brushes and rollers when we're done, without the use of harmful solvents.

The low levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in Farrow & Ball paint minimise both its impact on the planet and its impact on you at home.

When VOCs are exposed to sunlight, they can react with nitrogen oxides to create pollution-causing ground-level ozone and photochemical smog, so the fewer the better when it comes to preserving air quality.

A green leafy plant in a Farrow & Ball paint tin

Energy saving lighting